Security Bags

  This range of security bags has been developed after extensive market research, and is designed to meet the demands of the various markets which currently use these products.

We offer 2 types of bags - multi-use bags, and disposable bags.

Multi-use security bags are designed to be tough with a zipper that locks into place with a low priced, disposable seal. Disposable bags are made to be used a single time, using a tamper-evident tape if it is opened without authorisation.

Multi-use security bags:
  • Carrying coin and paper currency, credit cards, cheques, etc.
  • Delivery of mail and confidential documents.
  • Securing criminal evidence, records and personal property.

  • Multi trip
  • The pouch material is a heavy duty, flame retardant, p.v.c. and polyester sandwich.
  • A clear plastic seal housing.
  • All pouch stitching is inside.
  • Seal housing is secured internally.
  • The zip teeth are internal.

  • Reduces the cost per trip.
  • Extensive pouch life and fire protection.
  • The seal can be viewed to ensure the pouch has not been tampered with.
  • Prevents the pouch being compromised.
  • The seal cannot be removed without breaking it.
  • Enhanced security.

Disposable security bags:
These bags are used with the same applications as re-usable bags, with the addition of being useful in places where bags may get lost often or never returned.

  • Only gold level security tape is used - it is resistant to temperature, moisture and solvent-based tampering.
  • Writable surfaces allows user to write on the bag with marker or pen.
  • Some bags have tear-off receipts.

  • Reduces cost of losing re-usable bags.
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