Security Boxes

  Design Features:
  • Lids permanently attached to avoid separate handling.
  • Tamper evident when fitted with ArrowLock AL04 seals.
  • Ticket holder only accessible from inside to improve security.
  • Fully inter-works with all other 600x400mm ALC containers.
  • Textured area on outer walls facilitates easy removal of adhesive labels.
  • They are able to nest, saving storage and distribution costs.
  • Hand-grips on short sides for ease of manual handling.
  • Base compatible with most conveyors.
  • Made from polypropylene, making it resistant to most chemicals.
Detail Specs.
Model Capacity Specifications.
ALC43225 18 L Detail
ALC43265 22 L Detail
ALC43310 25 L Detail
ALC64265 48 L Detail
ALC64310 54 L Detail
ALC64365 65 L Detail
ALC704635S 75 L Detail