Fix Length Seals

  The primary application for fixed length security seals is for securing vehicle doors during transit, but they are used for other sealing requirements. Abric manufactures four designs of fixed length seal and they all include a double locking mechanism which gives enhanced security - the TwinLock design is patented. The TwinLock and OctoLock incorporate special acetal locking jaws, which improves the security even further. The HybridLock has the identification tag at the end of seal strap, for the inclusion of more information, e.g. "write on" pad, logo and barcode. Hot stamping, laser, ink jet or UV ink jet printing available upon request.

Fixed length seals are ideal for use on:
  • Heavy goods vehicle doors
  • Petroleum tankers
  • Bulk food and liquid tankers
  • Live stock transportation including seafood
  • Shipping containers
hybridlock Hybrid Lock
  octolock Octo Lock
  twin lock Twin Lock